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K-1 Program


Did your child miss the cut off date for admission to Kindergarten at public schools?


Please call us at 732-438-1516 for pricing and other info on K-1 program.


Curriculum Summary

The K-1 Curriculum for Montessori Academy and Learning Center is based on the standards set by AMS – American Montessori Society and is integrated with the standards set by the NJCCCS (New Jersey Core Curriculum Content Standards) with concepts and strategies that are within the limits of development with appropriate content.

The K-1 program includes the following four core subjects:

Language Arts

Language Arts will be divided into 3 blocks:

Reading and Reading Comprehension

Comprehensive Word Study (in the form of development of vocabulary, spelling, phonics and grammar)

The Writing Process


Some of the topics for study shall include the following:

Number Sense and Numerical Operations, Algebraic Connections, Geometrical Aspects,  Discreet Mathematical Concepts, data analysis in the forms of graphs, probability and estimation.



 It is the goal of the program to provide for a Science curriculum that covers many aspects of life and phenomena. The children will be introduced to many lessons in science and will be encouraged to think of themselves as ‘Scientists’. They will learn to observe, hypothesize and analyze their data and come to conclusions. 

Social Studies

It is the goal of the program to help the students become aware of themselves as social beings. Aspects of curriculum shall deal with the aspects of social interactions at various levels, between the student and single person contact, interactions with a group and interactions and leering about the community.

The following subjects also will be covered: World Languages (Spanish and Hindi), Physical Education, Music, Art, Health ,  Library- Media program.

Standardized Assessments

As per the requirements of NJCCCS and various educational boards across the state and district, a Literacy portfolio shall be maintained for students individually. The portfolio contains all the assessments that the teachers use individually for the children to make effective decisions for teaching strategies. It includes assessments in different areas of language arts – spelling, reading comprehension, and phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency and writing samples. It will also contain the end-of-the-year math assessment. This assessment will show the current level of achievement of the child with regard to mathematical skills.

Report Cards

§          Report cards will be issued 3 times a year, in November, March and end of the year in June.

§          Parent teacher conferences will be scheduled twice a year after report cards are updated.

Additional parent teacher conferences maybe scheduled depending on individual needs and requirements.


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