About Our School



Welcome to Montessori and Learning Center! We pride ourselves on our ability to provide a wonderful and loving experience for your child. We are looking forward to working with you to help your child’s growth and development.Our school provides a safe, nurturing environment for children six weeks to six years of age. We offer variety of programs to meet the needs of children and well as patents. Montessori and Learning center is open from 7:00 a.m. to 6:30 p.m.
Our school provides your child with quality “home-away-from-home” atmosphere emphasizing learning and development. Montessori Academy’s highly trained and experienced staff does their best to make your child feel less like at school and more like a busy family. To ensure that every child gets an opportunity to grow and develop at their best abilities we keep our child to teacher ratio low.


Getting your child’s first school experience right is critical. This defines his or her attitude toward the years of schooling that follow. It assures his or her readiness for success. They learn goal setting, creative thinking, communication skills, selfless service, time management, and the use of technology and inquiry. Students are encouraged to see themselves as citizens of a global community whose prosperity and well-being depend on harmony and co-operation.
Our mission is to transform educational change into an opportunity for your child to find their passion and grow; “best” means the school where the child will thrive, be inspired to learn, develop the confidence to take risks, explore and be curious, and reach as far as he or she can go. The best school is one where a child becomes motivated to be a lifelong learner.

Our Approach

We work hard to understand who each child is and what they need. We enable our students to experience success through lessons that are modified for their specific skill sets. Our end goal is to not only improve their self-esteem, but to also help them develop the skills necessary to help them succeed outside of the classroom and as they continue their education in other schools.
We take the solid academic foundation that a board’s curriculum provides, and add to it all that is missing: extracurricular subjects, an approach to teaching that makes learning more enjoyable, highly-trained teachers and the best-in-class facilities for an environment where children flourish. Our approach actively nurtures a child’s physical, artistic, and emotional development, in addition to academic growth.

Please click here for the procedures and guidelines on covid19, we will be following to ensure the safety of staff and children they serve.