Earth Day

  • Date & Time:
    • April 22, 2019
    • All Day

Earth Day is a worldwide celebration of the Earth and what we can do to protect it. Read on to learn about Earth Day projects and activities for students.

Water Conservation Reminder

Students make a toothbrush holder out of a jar or jug that serves as a reminder to not waste water when brushing their teeth. They will decorate their toothbrush holder while learning about water scarcity and why water conservation is so important.You can use’s engaging water conservation video lesson to reinforce your students’ understanding of this issue’s significance.

Bird Feeder

Students can help reduce the amount of solid waste in the world by using a milk jug or similar container to make a bird feeder.The lesson on reducing solid waste highlights the benefits of recycling and reusing items for the environment. The lesson on pollution also discusses the importance of recycling.

Energy Saver

Tell students to list all of the major appliances and electronic devices in their homes that they can think of. Then, ask students to think about which of these items uses the most energy, and how hard it would be to live without it. Students can also discuss ways they can use less energy at home

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